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PS3DNS-GUI / PS-ID Unban [Tutorial]

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Mr. Brain

God of the Tube
God of the Tube
PSN Zutritt trotz gebannter Konsole möglich!

Jo guys,

solltet ihr vom Bannhammer erwischt worden sein testet mal diese Methode. Die funktioniert aktuell noch
ohne sich einen neuen PSN Account zu erstellen! Wie lange diese "Sicherheitslücke" noch erhalten bleibt ist ungewiss!


This method was tested by myself (facanferff) with my banned console error 8002A227,
could not log in to PSN or create new accounts, so permanent ban).
If you have any problem in executing this method, please tell me.

IMPORTANT: You can find some problems in some games while trying to play online, but generally you can play online.

Tools required:



1. I hope that you put the new CA24.cer in dev_flash/data/cert

1. Download PS3DNS-GUI

2. Run “PS3DNS-GUI.exe” and choose your ip and region

3. Go to Tools -> Rewrite -> PS3DNS – eth0 -> Rules -> Add

4. Put every field like in the image, where in the image it says “your console id…” you have to write your original (banned) console id with no spaces:

5. Click ok -> ok (of course)

6. Go to your PS3, in DNS set in primary your pc’s ip, activate proxy, in host enter again your pc’s ip and in port enter 8888. Then you can test to confirm that you have network.

7. Try to log in to PSN (it can take some time, about 1 minute) and you are logged in!Now if you want to go to PSN Store, then follow the following, else if you only want to play online go to step 10:

8. Execute PSID (Sony can discover it, but they can’t ban you becuase you are using a blank console id, so you don’t exist, you are a bot ) and there click Square to change to a random console id

9. Try now to go to PSN Store and you will enter there! You can download what you want but I alert you that some things are giving error when trying to download, but the majority will download, including Killzone 3 demo

10. First confirm that you have your original console id according to PSID (important) then you can run any game and play it online

Hier das Download Pack:


Ein ausführliches Tutorial für PSID findet ihr


Twisted Evil Have Fun, Focker! Twisted Evil


Meine Nintendo ID lautet: Mr.Brain

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